Get2 Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PropellerAds ID?

PropellerAds is the advertisement network that will provide the ads when the links on a Get2 page are opened. The ID is used in the advertisement links to identify that they were opened from a "zone" of your's, and hence that you should be credited. This is also known as the "code" or "zoneid" of the links.

How do I get a PropellerAds ID / "publisher smart link" ?

Sign up for PropellerAds as a publisher and log in. ( No messenger / nickname ? - Type in "N/A". ) 2. You will not be able to verify or any sub-domain as your site. Instead, open the menu, then "Sites", and "Create Smart Link". The image can't be displayed. Sorry!3. Then fill in a "Smart Link name" for your own reference, and hit "Get code". The image can't be displayed. Sorry!4. Your link will be shown to you. Copy it to the Get2 profile form. The image can't be displayed. Sorry!

What else can I use my PropellerAds link for?

You can earn money from clicks on your smart link anywhere that you can post a link, that somebody might open for what ever reason. Get creative! For example: - Your E-mail signature or signatures in web forums. - Add it to your social media posts. - Hyperlinks on foreign words. Readers might click on them looking for an explanation. It doesn't need to be posted in the form of a hyperlink with anchortext though. You can just post the URL as it is anywhere that you can get somebody to visit the address.

How do I get paid?

The advertisement network is responsible for paying you directly. (Get2 / Bitsmith IT is responsible for providing the Get2 intro pages.) To request a payout from PropellerAds, login to your account at, open the menu, "Profile settings", and then "Payment methods" in the right side column.

Why is part of the page name missing?

If there is a # character in the name you chose for the page, then only the name up to the first # is part of the page address. You can add anything you want after a # in the address in fact. - It is not sent across the internet and hence is not part of the address as such. The full name is registered in the profile however, and it is only in rare cases that the full name isn't displayed.

Can I use special characters in the page name?

Yes. Most characters are supported, except %-sign and blank spaces. The feature to address your page as a sub-domain even supports International Domain Names with all sorts of UTF-8 characters in them.

How to get a domain name for your Get2 page

Buy the domain name 2. Have or set up a Get2 profile. Maybe a name that can be addressed as a sub-domain is required. - See below. 3. Redirect your domain to the sub-domain address of your Get2 page. I.e. Choose "Cloaked Forward" to preserve the domain name in the address bar when your Get2 page shows. Choose "Permanent Forward (301)" to preserve the path and querystring of the original request all the way in to the target URL on your Get2 page.

Can I use a relative URL as the target?

Yes. If the page name can be accessed as a sub-domain (e.g. then any path you append to the domain-name will be appended to the target URL on the page. E.g. To use a relative URL from a custom domain name you must setup the redirection as 301 to the sub-domain address of your Get2 page. No sub-domain address? - No can do.

Why do I get an error about a title and/or description that couldn't be cached from the target page?

Get2 tries to read the title HTML tag and the description meta tag of the target page to use that information on the intro page. This may fail for the following reasons: * The host of the target page redirects the URL, takes too long to respond or does something else that hinders reading of the tags. * The tags are in fact not on the page. * The tags have been placed way too far down in the file. * There is an error in the target URL. You also have the option to write a custom description at the bottom of the form to edit the profile.

How can I change the text on the Get2 page about the target site?

Per default, the title HTML tag and the description meta tag of the target page is used on the Get2 intro page, in its description meta tag and as the text on the page respectively. The data is refreshed from the target page automatically at most once every 24 hours, and whenever the profile is saved. You also have the option to write a (static) description text of your own at the bottom of the form to edit the profile. You can format the text with the HTML tags: i, b, u, p, center, br, img, div and span with inline CSS style. The tags must be lower case.

How can I make search engines show my Get2 page instead of the main page of my web site?

Search engines make their own decisions but there are a few things you can do in the head-section of your target page: * Add <LINK rel="canonical" href="http://address_of_your_get2_page" /> * Make sure the target page has a good title and description meta tag, as these will appear on the Get2 intro page. * In the robots meta tag, change index to noindex. You can also write a longer custom description text for the Get2 page. Google is a sucker for unique content. The field is at the bottom of the form to edit the profile.

Why don't I get any E-mails from Get2?

Some E-mail services, such as G-mail, have issues with false positives in their SPAM detection, which cause them to misplace your E-mail in a SPAM folder (in the best case) or just throw it away completely.

What if I do want an E-mail with the profile data, but I don't want a link to edit the profile to be sent through the internet and stored in G-mail or some other place?

Know taht you can copy the profile data after you save it, - Click the icon under the message "The profile has now been saved". If you still need to receive the data in an E-mail: 0. Make sure the profile has a password if you don't want to lose access to modify it. 1. Make your changes and save the profile with your E-mail address in the field. 2. Clear the E-mail address from the field and save the profile again. 3. Type "secret" in the E-mail address field and save the profile again. The link in the last confirmation E-mail will stop working.

Why must the edit-link be different in each E-mail I receive after updating a profile?

For security the profile doesn't contain the code that is sent in your E-mail, it only has a "hash" that can be used for validation of the code. Hence the same code can't be sent in a new E-mail. If you remove the E-mail address from the profile, the link in the last E-mail you will receive remains functional through future edits of the profile.

Can you send my password to me?

No. For security the profile doesn't contain the actual password, it only has a "hash" that can be used for validation of the password.

Can you reset my password?

No. It is not possible to assert that the person making such a request is the creator of the profile. If the profile has/had an E-mail address registered, then an edit-link has been sent in an E-mail.